Iwona Matyska

Manager Accounting Services

Iwona Matyska

Iwona manages the Lublin regional office in Poland where she is responsible for client accounting and tax compliance. Partly she also manages an accounting group in the Warsaw office.

Iwona has joined Vistra Poland in 2007. At the beginning she worked as an accountant, then for 4 years as an Accounting Group Supervisor and for the last 3 years as an Accounting Manager in the Krakow office.

Prior to joining Vistra, she worked as an independent accountant.

She has extensive experience in providing accounting services and tax related matters.

Iwona specializes in a wide range of industries including real estate, energy and shale gas sectors, retail and consulting.

She obtained her Master’s degree in finance and accounting in 2005 at the High School of Trade and International Finance.

She speaks Polish and English.

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