David Rudge

Managing Director Corporate & Private Clients UK London

David started his professional career in banking, before joining the Trust and Corporate service industry. He has been with the Group since 1990 and was part of the initial team at Vistra's inception in 2006.

David is the Managing Director of Vistra (UK) Ltd and responsible for all the operations of the London office. This includes dealing with the inflow of new business and business development. He travels frequently to meet prospective and current clients and to maintain the client relationships.

David also takes up Director positions on certain client structures, including the UK division/branches of some large multi-national businesses and helps guide them through their UK requirements, as well as bringing in colleagues from overseas when cross border solutions are required.

David has experience with immigration issues and can assist clients and their families to settle in the UK. 

+44 20 3872 7334
+44 7770 220 575
David Rudge Vistra www.vistra.com Work Phone +44 20 3872 7334
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