Besy Leung

Group Marketing Director

Besy joined Vistra in June 2014 as Head of Marketing Asia and became Group Marketing Director in May 2016. 

When she first joined Vistra, she took on the rebranding project of OV Group to Vistra Group, and the launch of the new visual identity for the Group in January 2015.  Since then she has played a significant role in the rebranding and integration projects of various M&As. Besy is also instrumental in building the thought leadership position of the Group among industry peers by leading the Vistra 2020 whitepaper project along with conducting roundtable events in major cities.  

As the Marketing Director for the Group, Besy is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies while overseeing all marketing activities of each division and the Group.

Prior to joining Vistra, Besy was the Marketing Director, Asia at Goodman. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

+852 2848 0268
Besy Leung Vistra Work Phone +852 2848 0268