A.G. Muralikrishnan

Executive Advisor, International Expansion Global & India

A.G. Muralikrishnan

A.G. Muralikrishnan (Murali) founded Ujwal (acquired by Vistra in 2016) with the main objective of taking over the responsibility of the entire Finance, Accounts and Statutory Compliance functions of different companies and corporations.

Under Murali’s stewardship, Ujwal started providing outsourced accounting services to many manufacturing companies in India, before shifting the focus to the IT sector in the late nineties.

His effective leadership of Ujwal, combined with his extensive knowledge of the industry saw Ujwal very quickly become the leading name within the technology space in Bangalore.

Murali is known to always instil a feeling of confidence and passion amongst his staff and has constantly communicated his vision for the company whilst setting up processes to convert this vision into a reality.

Whatever the situation, Murali has always believed that success must be achieved on one’s own terms and to ensure that this is unanimously internalised, Murali has always focused on ensuring that this is aligned throughout the organisation.

It is his belief that establishing a strong foundation for the future is even more essential than rapid growth.

Since handing over his duties as Managing Director to Ashish Kaul in Bangalore, Murali remains very involved with growing the International Expansion division in an Advisory capacity to the Global International Expansion Board where he is running various projects beneficial to both India and the Vistra Group.

Murali is a qualified Chartered Accountant from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

>His native language is Tamil, and he also speaks fluent Kannada and English.