Tuesday, 17 March, 2015

Webinar: Establishing a Food and Beverage Business in Hong Kong

Are you or your clients:

·         Food and beverage producers, exporters or distributors?

·         Owners/managers of restaurants or food/beverage retail outlets and are thinking of setting up in Asia?  

·         Optimistic of the growth potential for the business in Hong Kong, China or other parts of Asia?

·         Thinking of expanding the business into Asia?


If your answer to any of the above is “Yes”, join the upcoming webinar hosted by Vistra especially for companies with a focus on the F&B industry. We have invited local experts to share their experiences, the dos and don’ts about entering the market in Asia, and why Hong Kong may be the logical first step.



Food distribution and trading companies find Hong Kong’s strategic location and ease of doing business ideal to showcase and provides a launchpad for brands targeting China and the neighbouring Asian markets. Hong Kong’s total exports (including re-exports) of processed food and beverages reached over US$ 4.5 billion* in 2014. Wine and beer are exempt from duty, making Hong Kong a prime hub for wine trading.


Hong Kong has long been renowned as one of the world’s culinary capitals and is a buoyant market for restaurants and bars with a population that enjoys dining out, a culture for business entertainment as well as the vast demand generated from 54 million visitors each year. The city boasts some 8,500 restaurants and 5 of the “World’s Best Restaurants 2014”. New restaurants and shops are constantly being established in Hong Kong offering a wide range of internationally inspired food. The city has also attracted international brands as well as celebrity chefs in establishing their initial footprint before expanding into other parts of Asia.


We will explore why Hong Kong’s strategic location, unbeatable infrastructure, reliable legal system, simple tax regime, as well as its role as an international financial centre and logistics hub all add up as a compelling proposition for companies in the food and beverage sector expanding into new markets in Asia. 


Vistra is delighted to have invited guest speakers Steven Beeckman, Managing Director, Asia Business Development Group; and Ivan Fernie, Development Director, Jamie’s Italian to share their insights on the F&B market in Hong Kong and to share their experience from setting up to running the businesses. 


Date / Time

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10:00 am Central European Time / 35 mins + 15 mins Q&A




Hosted by Vistra Hong Kong

 Guest speakers:

Steven Beeckman, Managing Director, Asia Business Development Group

Ivan Fernie, Development Director, Jamie’s Italian


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