Sunday, 21 December, 2008

Vistra Newsletter - December (edition 8)

Vistra capitalises on opportunities - expansion of service offering

Vistra is pleased to present you with the latest edition of our newsletter.

Over the last year we have experienced a fundamental shift in the financial and geo-economic structure of the world. The economic downturn has provided a sharp reminder that, contrary to popular belief, boom and-bust has not been abolished. The business cycle is back and the reality of a deep recession is now being recognised by all. The credit crunch and the subsequent de-leveraging have deflated asset prices and lowered profit expectations to levels not seen for years.

At Vistra we believe that the current economic climate can provide interesting opportunities and new points of view when structuring our client's affairs. Diligence and robust governance have now become key; for private individuals, asset protection, rather than growth of assets, is again the main objective, whilst for corporations, tax effectiveness is back as an important driver of bottom-line sustainability.

Because of this and despite the downturn, Vistra has aggressively been expanding its Global service offering in recent months. Indeed, combining constant innovation and Personal dedication with a more traditional range of services is an integral part of the Vistra strategy, to lead the field as an Independent trust and corporate services provider.

In this newsletter we start with having a closer look at Vistra Fund Services, followed by an article on our recent addition to our geographical network: Dubai. Furthermore, we introduce you to an important extension to our private client service offering - our new Family Office Team. In addition, we analyse the possibilities of the Dutch Antilles Private Foundation as a vehicle for estate planning and asset preservation. Finally, we put the spotlight on the Unregulated Funds Regime in Jersey as a tool for investors who wish to swiftly establish funds which are not restricted by regulatory constraints.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the exciting year to come.

Bart Deconinck
Group Chief Executive