Friday, 9 March, 2012

Vistra first with new Curacao Trust.

Vistra has become the first fiduciary provider in Curacao to successfully set up a new trust structure based on the Anglo Saxon concept. Working closely with notaries, the new vehicle was incorporated on March 9, 2012.

With its stable financial infrastructure and strong reputation as a well regulated offshore center, Vistra is forecasting a high level of interest in the new trust structures.

Trusts based on the Anglo-Saxon model are now available through Curacao, following a change in legislation which was promulgated earlier this year. The new trusts offer a wide range of options for flexible structuring and, providing the business of the trust is not within Curacao itself, are exempt from tax on profits earned locally. If required, the trust can elect to be subject to profit tax at a fixed rate of 10%, which can offer significant international tax planning benefits. 

Trusts must be set up via a notarial deed and at all times there should be at least one local trustee appointed.

For further information please contact Gerard Jan van Spall on +599 9 736 6044