Tuesday, 13 July, 2010

Vistra teams up with Zurich based Centrapriv Group.

Vistra has acquired 50% of Centrapriv Group, a private independent Swiss trust and fiduciary company that specialises in providing tailored solutions for private individuals, companies and international organisations.

Vistra’a Chief Executive Officer, Bart Deconinck, said: ' Our objective is to become recognised as a top-five company in our industry, and the acquisition of 50% of Centrapriv helps us towards that goal. We have an office in Geneva, but none in Zurich, so there is a natural synergy between the companies. Centrapriv's staff are experienced professionals who have been an important part of the success that the company has enjoyed for more than 30 years.'

Centrapriv operates from Zurich and Zug with staff specialising in areas including corporate consultancy, accountancy, fiduciary and tax as well as tailored solutions.

Centrapriv's CEO, Enzo Beretta, said: 'We have established long-term relationships with many of our clients and look forward to enhancing our offering to them as a result of this agreement. Vistra has offices in 17 jurisdictions and a fully integrated administration and communication system which we look forward to joining.’

It is intended that Centrapriv keeps operating under its own brand and will be able to join Vistra’s network of offices and services.

For further information on Centrapriv, please visit www.centrapriv.ch