Monday, 15 October, 2007

Vistra launches advertising campaign.

We are pleased to announce that Vistra has launched an advertising campaign to position Vistra as a recognised brand in the trust and corporate services industry.

Vistra’s adverts, based on our Yann Arthus Bertrand imagery, have been visible in Jersey and Luxembourgairports since July, taking advantage of the huge traffic of business travellers to and from these destinations. To reinforce Vistra’s presence in airports, our ads will also appear in VLM’s in-flight magazine. This will be available from November on the Luxembourg, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Jersey and LondonCityflights. We have chosen to advertise with VLM because 80% of the airline’s passengers are senior international business passengers.

To create our first impact in the emerging African market, Vistra will publish an advert in the November issue of African Business magazine. This publication focuses on the most relevant economic, political and industrial trends in Africa and is read by anyone interested in the economy and development of the continent. African Business can be found on-board and in the executive lounges of British Airways and Lufthansa flights. Above all, the November issue will be distributed to all the participants of the US-Africa Business Summit, taking place in Cape Town on November 14-16. 1’500 business leaders from top US, European and African companies are expected to attend.

This advertising campaign shows more than ever, that Vistra is crossing borders and creating solutions.