Monday, 26 January, 2009

Holding Regimes Conference in Geneva.

Vistra is proud to have Arjan Schaapman, Vistra Cyprus Managing Director, as a speaker at the "Holding Regimes" conference organized by Financial Events International and L’AGEFI  at the Warwick hotel in Geneva on the 27th January. Nine speakers from the main names in the wealth management industry, will moderate a panel discussion highlighting the different and varied tax planning opportunities to incorporate a foreign holding company in and out of Europe.

The large network of professionals of the financial sector attending the event, will have the opportunity during the day to compare the "best holding Jurisdiction", depending on various tax and non-tax related considerations and on some recent directives and domestic laws of new and older EU members states.

Arjan Schaapman, says "Cyprus can offer one of the most favourable holding regimes of the EU, which is the most important feature of the Cypriot tax regime, in combination with the income tax rate of only 10%. The combination of EU membership, the low income tax rate and Cyprus`s treaty network also offers new opportunities to set up favourable financing, royalty, trading and portfolio investment structures".

Please contact Arjan Schaapman if you need any further information on the above.

Download Conference programme here.