Tuesday, 7 October, 2014

OIL 5th Annual "Offshore 2020" Roundtable

Since 2010, OIL has organised a series of “Offshore 2020” roundtables to present the key findings from its annual “Offshore 2020” market research. This year, the roundtables have recently taken place in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore in early October with over 300 people attendance. Attendees came from leading CPA and law firms, international banks, tax advisory and corporate services firms. The roundtables will be held in Shanghai in mid-October and also in Dubai, London, Cyprus and the BVI in November.

Now in its 5th year, the market research gives a true global perspective as we have interviewed approximately 300 senior industry stakeholders across more than 35 countries, with a split roughly 50/50 between Asia and the rest of the world. 

Key highlights from this year’s research:

  • Compliance with tighter regulatory and transparency requirements will create "flight to quality" as well as increased costs, resulting in industry consolidation; "Big Four" will emerge;
  • Industry stakeholders' views on the impact that external and macro pressure had on industry demand over the year hardens, yet incremental and robust growth sustains
  • Hong Kong and Singapore gaining traction as demand is shifting from offshore to mid-shore jurisdictions while the BVI and Cayman Islands retain dominance;
  • Asia is driving growth, with outbound investment from China continuing strong momentum.

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