Friday, 21 December, 2012

Vistra announces rebranding of Corporate Services Belgium CVBA.

Vistra announced today the final stage in the successful integration and rebranding of Corporate Services Belgium CVBA to the Vistra Group following the acquisition of the company in October 2012. Vistra now has two offices in Belgium - Brussels and Antwerp - from where it is able to offer local clients access to its network. Earlier this year, Vistra announced acquisitions in both Luxembourg and the Netherlands to strengthen its growing operations in the Benelux countries. Vistra has also recently opened dedicated Russian and Chinese desks with its network to support clients who wish to develop into these two fast moving growth markets. Eric Hendrickx, managing director of Vistra's operations in Belgium said, "We are delighted to announce this final stage in our integration into the Vistra Group just 10 weeks after the initial agreement was reached. We are now able to offer our existing and new clients in Belgium access to the full range of corporate and private client services available through Vistra's extensive business networks worldwide." For more information please visit Vistra Belgium or contact Eric Hendrickx on + 32 3 226 08 83