Sunday, 18 January, 2015

Sustainable Office Supplies at Vistra Warsaw


As a professional services firm, Vistra Warsaw uses a considerable amount of paper and stationery. However, for the last five years, we have been actively reducing our environmental impact by using recycled office supplies wherever possible. We also implemented reuse policies and identified ways to reduce our usage of resources.

Even though this project began with a single sheet of recycled paper, it continues to develop and we are always looking for other ways to improve the sustainability of our supplies.

We have also seen responses beyond our own operations. For example, our suppliers have expanded their range of products to include eco-supplies in order to secure our business. This supports a virtuous cycle with other firms given the opportunity and incentive to switch to more sustainable supplies. We have adopted eco pens, envelopes and notebooks as well as eco-bags, which are produced in Poland, supporting local jobs.

Eco-supplies are a visible demonstration of our commitment to the environment, which is an increasingly important consideration for our clients and prospective employees.

We are aware of our environmental impact as a company. Across our global network, we are exploring different ways to reduce our footprint. All initiatives, whether complex or simple, have the potential to improve our sustainability as a company.

Vistra’s environmental efforts remind us all of our responsibility toward the world we live in and also empowers us to make a difference.