Sunday, 10 January, 2016

Vistra’s Membership in International Financial Centres Forum

We are active members of the International Financial Centres Forum (IFC Forum), a leading industry association. It brings together knowledge from across the legal, financial, and professional services sectors in international financial centres.

Our industry helps entrepreneurs and corporates to facilitate business globally, making an important contribution to economic development and global trade. To improve our effectiveness, we work with colleagues across the professional services sector. We also engage with our industry to support greater recognition of the important function of international financial centres.

As a group, IFC Forum has a number of priorities, including public education, policy development and industry growth. 

There are general assumptions around international financial centres: IFC Forum works to promote impartial knowledge about the industry’s positive role in economic growth and globalization. For example, international financial centres facilitate poverty reduction in developing countries, economic empowerment, and support greater returns for pension investments.

The IFC Forum also leverages the combined expertise of its members to inform policy initiatives from a non-political, evidence-based perspective. Vistra actively supports the development of beneficial policy through consultation with governments and public discussion.

Vistra is a committed member of the professional services industry. Our work with IFC Forum allows us to continue serving our clients and supporting economic development around the world.