Friday, 10 June, 2016

Vistra Warsaw Supports City Zoo


For the last six years, Vistra Warsaw has engaged with the city zoo as adoptive parents of four chimpanzees Zarno, Mandy, Judy and Lisa. In this special role, we care for the well-being of the animals and help ensure a nurturing environment for our chimps.

As a company we make monthly contributions for close cooperation with our partner organization Panda Foundation. This local NGO works to develop the Warsaw zoo and create a suitable habitat for all animals.

As an adoptive ‘extended family’ for the chimps, our staff, their children and all visitors to the zoo have the privilege of watching these creatures grow and thrive.

We support the education of our employees’ children with free zoo entrance, as 80% of our staff in Warsaw are mothers. By fostering close relationships with the zoo staff and animals, we build a culture of involvement and responsibility. 

We also engage with the zoo through other initiatives, such as an event in June to mark International Children’s Day. Working together with the Mam Marzenie foundation, a local charity devoted to fulfilling the dreams of children with life-threatening medical conditions, Vistra Warsaw helps give these children a special day of fun activities.

In June 2016, the Warsaw office organized its first zoo Summer Party where employees interacted with the animals, fed them and gave them toys and treats. As part of the Summer Party, we donated over €2000 for the zoo’s ongoing development. The event demonstrates our long-term commitment as supporters to our chimps and our local community.