Wednesday, 24 August, 2016

Vistra Jersey Assists Seroussi Foundation’s $1 Million Donation for Child Welfare

Vistra Jersey has recently managed a US$1 million donation by the Seroussi Foundation that is being used to benefit vulnerable children around the world, in partnership with the UBS Optimus Foundation. 

Vistra is very proud of the work we do with the Seroussi Foundation, established by our late client, Edouard Seroussi. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, Edouard was generous and wanted to ensure that his wealth would continue to do good in the world after Jacqueline, his wife and he both passed away.

Vistra has been closely involved in Edouard’s charitable giving and objectives since the death of Jacqueline in 1999, including awards totaling almost US$5 million for advances in cancer research. Vistra worked closely with Edouard to establish the foundation and manages its ongoing administration. Edouard chose Jersey and its highly beneficial foundation laws and appointed Vistra Jersey as the foundation’s Council, and as he directed, the foundation is focused on tackling child poverty and supporting youth education around the world.

On the first anniversary of his death on 5 September this year, the foundation made the $1 million donation to the UBS Optimus Foundation in memory of Edouard and his wife Jacqueline, which will be matched by other donors to make up a US$4 million fund. This fund will support projects to change the lives of vulnerable children around the world, including early childhood health and nutrition programs in Africa, and a global project aimed at eradicating the use of institutional care for children.

As specialists in the creation and operation of charitable foundations, Vistra personnel are all deeply committed to fulfilling our clients’ wishes and managing the philanthropic resources they set aside. 

UBS Optimus connects donors to programs with the potential to be transformative, scalable and sustainable in child health, education and protection. This partnership means that the Seroussi Foundation will make a significant impact on children’s lives, with donations going to projects and models that are proven, with rigorous guidance and oversight.

Vistra is absolutely committed to the Seroussi Foundation’s purpose and has very strong attachments to the causes that it is supporting. Vistra feels that it is a privilege to  be able to apply its professional skills and expertise to its clients’ philanthropic work as well as to see first hand the transformative power of philanthropy.