Company Incorporation

Whether you are doing business in Europe, America, Asia or anywhere else in the world, the Vistra International Expansion team can help you set up the best structure for your business.

We help you choose the most efficient and effective legal entity and take care of all the necessary paperwork. Meanwhile, we ensure that your business remains compliant according to local laws and regulation.

Legal Structures Abroad 

We can assist our clients in choosing the most suitable and tax-effective international corporate structures. 

Here is a general overview of the various possible structures.

  • Representative Office (RO)

The structure of a Representative Office allows you to be present on the ground and engage in all promotional activities.

  • Branch Office (BO)

A Branch Office allows core activities and sales, in addition to promotional activities. It is not, however, a legal entity by itself, which makes the parent company subject to any legal obligations.

  • Subsidiary Office (SO)

The Subsidiary Office is an entirely separate legal entity, created specifically for business overseas. It is a good option for the long run, as it is usually more tax efficient and it forms a legal layer of protection between itself and the parent company.

  • Joint Venture (JV)

A Joint Venture is a separate legal entity that requires a joint investment with a local company. It is not a permanent structure and can be dissolved if the original agreements between the two companies involved are no longer in effect. 


Set-up process

We can support you with the incorporation process, which begins once you’ve selected the most suitable legal structure. This process varies somewhat between jurisdictions, but the general elements are often the same. Our main services include:

  • Incorporating the legal entity
  • Preparing documents and submitting applications to the competent authorities
  • Preparing the Articles of Association in compliance with local regulation
  • Providing corporate nominee directors and shareholders
  • Arranging a registered office address in the city from which you operate
  • Arranging a fully equipped operational office if needed
  • Obtaining a local business license
  • Establishing relationships with banks 
  • Arranging ongoing corporate banking and finance facilities, including: 
    • Single-currency accounts
    • Multi-currency accounts
    • Letter of credit account



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