Trade Services

As global trade continues to grow, the benefits to businesses are immense. New markets and new opportunities emerge all around the world and companies are doing business in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

Unfortunately, a significant number of potential pitfalls and obstacles exist. In many countries, banking and financial rules and regulations are still in development, supply chains lack transparency, and cultural and linguistic differences often make communication difficult. That is why it is valuable to have an experienced partner to help you with the management and coordination of your trading activities overseas. 

The Vistra team will gladly assist you wherever your business needs to go. We offer a package of trade services that can be fully adjusted to suit your needs. 

Import and export

Importers/exporters are under increasing pressure to find more cost effective business models to maintain their competitive edge. Establishing local operations may not always be ideal, and traditional trade agents can be costly. With Vistra trade services we offer a flexible and scalable alternative that can cut costs and reduce warehousing and inventory. Our team of trade and accounting specialists can handle all aspects of international business transactions.

Our services include:

  • Invoicing and order processing
  • Transaction administration, documentation and monitoring
  • Handling letters of credit and bank transactions
  • Liaison with banks, suppliers, customers and freight forwarders
  • Trade credit, product insurance and quality control


Coordination and assistance

In addition to our import and export support, at Vistra we coordinate several other important trade-related services. Whatever the exact services your business might need, our assistance is guaranteed to minimize costs and allow you to concentrate solely on developing your long-term business objectives.

Factory audits and product testing 
These services allow you to have eyes and ears in the factories where you source products and keep the supply chain transparent. 

Trade fair assistance
We also offer trade fair assistance to help you identify relevant trade fairs in order to discover new sourcing options. Our local staff are at your assistance and can negotiate and further communicate with potential vendors.

Logistics coordination services
The Vistra team can help you to ship and track your goods more efficiently by taking care of logistics coordination. 


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