Is your Cayman entity a private fund?

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International Expansion and Operations Now: A Finance Leader's Guide

27 May 2020

This webinar highlights the most significant findings of a survey issued to senior finance executives about the current state of international expansion and operations. Watch On-Demand…


Preserving Wealth: Adopting a structure to meet relocation needs

20 May 2020

Client profile: A Brazilian HNWI looking to relocate to another jurisdiction Challenges: Optimizing fiscal impact in the jurisdiction of the underlying companies and current tax domicile of the client, and preserving wealth to accommodate future…


Webinar: The CARES Act - key corporate tax policy changes

19 May 2020

What businesses operating in the US need to know about the CARES Act. Watch On-Demand     This webinar provides background on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES)…


Vistra India Update 399

15 May 2020


Webinar: FBAR - What U.S. taxpayers with foreign bank accounts need to know

12 May 2020

What U.S. taxpayers with foreign bank accounts need to know about FBAR. Watch On-Demand     If you’re a U.S. taxpayer with a bank account outside the country, you may need file an FBAR,…


‘Vistra 2020’ — Charting a decade that transformed corporate services

11 May 2020

Ten years on, what has Vistra’s flagship research programme taught us about the evolution of the corporate services industry? And, as we undertake the first study of the new decade, which trends are set to shape the industry’s future…