What you need to consider now when preparing for Brexit

Webinar: September 26, 2019

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Ways for UK businesses and foreign investors to mitigate uncertainty around Brexit

10 September 2019

The UK remains in the international spotlight in 2019 as the first member of the European Union to signal its intention to exit irrevocably from the Union. Brexit is shrouded in uncertainty,…

Brexit Generates Business Opportunities for Amsterdam

09 September 2019

Amsterdam has been selected as headquarter for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), following a close win over Milan. Currently based in London, the EMA is relocating due to Brexit. The win of…

Vistra Appoints Jervis Smith as Country Managing Director for Luxembourg

09 September 2019

Vistra is pleased to announce the appointment of Jervis Smith as Country Managing Director of Vistra Luxembourg, effective 17 September 2019. Jervis will be responsible for…

Why you should form and run a company in the UK after Brexit

03 September 2019

The reasons for forming a UK company, and doing business in the UK, with contracts drafted under UK law, are virtually the same after Brexit as before.  These are plentiful and positive; a few of which I’ve set out below. The UK has, historically been, and “…

E-commerce in the UK: Why you still have to comply with UK consumer laws post Brexit?

03 September 2019

Over the last five years or so, the law relating to how businesses deal with consumers over the internet (including through mobile phones) has changed significantly. If you haven’t made changes to your website over this period, then you are unlikely to be…