US beneficial ownership information reporting: A summary of FinCEN requirements

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Should you onboard a fund administrator? Four key considerations

29 August 2022

As private equity firms grow, they may need to consider outsourcing to expand their capabilities, maximise operational efficiencies and access skilled expertise they may lack in-house. Outsourcing funds administration in particular may give firms the…


The UK’s growing venture capital market: What fund managers should know

17 August 2022

The venture capital market has seen exceptional growth in recent years. In 2021, global VC investment reached a record $673 billion, nearly doubling from $347 billion in 2020. There are now more…


WFOEs, JVs and ROs: A summary of China’s legal entity options for expanding businesses

10 August 2022

As the world’s second largest economy and most populous country, China is a magnet for foreign investors. Despite its appeal, however, China poses considerable and unique challenges for multinational companies looking to expand. The first step to…


Blockchain technology in asset securitisation: Disruptor and game-changer? 

13 September 2022

Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Tokenisation and Crypto are often (wrongly) used interchangeably, and market participants interpret these buzzwords and their potential impact on the securitisation industry differently…


Global payroll outsourcing: How to choose a provider and manage implementation

14 September 2022

As a multinational organisation expands, managing payroll providers in each country of operation becomes increasingly complex and costly. Most businesses in this situation need to consider consolidating all or part of their payroll delivery…

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