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Vistra Singapore Fund Management Survey 2022

Asian investment strategies are in demand, and more fund managers are considering the option to domicile their investments in Singapore using the Variable Capital Company (VCC) structure.

Introduced in 2020, the Singapore VCC significantly enhanced fund managers ability to meet the domiciliation and management needs of global investors. Over the past 3 years almost 800 VCCs have been created. But, many fund managers and clients remain cautious in adopting this new structure.

At Vistra we have helped numerous companies implement VCC strategies. Our latest Singapore Fund Management Survey captures insights from those who have successfully deployed VCCs alongside analysis from our experts in legal entity structuring.

Vistra Singapore Fund Management Survey 2022

The report looks at the benefits of domiciling and managing funds in Singapore, how VCCs enhance the value proposition for global investors and looks to what’s in store for VCC 2.0 in the near future. Key findings include:

  • Significant support for MAS initiatives to develop Singapore as a funds management hub (the Variable Capital Grant Scheme has now extended to 15 Jan 2025)
  • VCCs facilitating the onshoring of funds into Singapore 
  • Vast majority of fund managers plan to expand their use of VCCs in 2023

Download our report to learn more about Singapore as a fund management hub and the benefits of VCCs.

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