Saturday, 23 January, 2016

Vistra Hong Kong Hosts SKH St. Christopher's Home Event for Underprivileged Children


In January 2016, Vistra Hong Kong hosted a group of foster children at a local holiday village for a day of amusement and activities. The day was coordinated by the SKH St. Christopher's Home, a Hong Kong charity founded in 1935. SKH St Christopher’s Home provides small group home services for children who do not receive adequate family care.

The event followed from our ‘Box of Hope’ initiative where we donated Christmas gifts to underprivileged children. 

Funding for the day was raised at our office Christmas Party and over 20 Vistra employees volunteered their time to spend the day with the children. 

The day consisted of many different activities. The elder foster children engaged in sports including archery, table tennis and basketball. Younger children and toddlers spent time playing games indoors with our employees. We all enjoyed the time spent together, and many of us continue to stay in touch with the children. The day was also educational because we learnt much about the needs of these children and some of the challenges they face.

Having established a close relationship with the SKH St. Christopher's Home, we will deepen our efforts in creating a caring environment for foster children in Hong Kong. We are eager to continue our interaction with the SKH St. Christopher’s Home and its children in order to make a meaningful impact on their futures. 

We feel that we have built trust with these children, and we want to do more to help them. We hope that this event is just the beginning of more things to come.


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