Friday, 18 June, 2010

Vistra (Curacao) approved as Licensed Listing Advisor to the DCSX.

Vistra (Curaçao) NV has been approved as a Licensed Listing Advisor (LAD) to the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange NV (DCSX).

The DCSX is an international exchange for the listing and trading of domestic and international securities. It is supervised by the Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles and operates in a stable and highly developed financial services environment. It provides a time- and cost-efficient listing procedure, ensuring a smooth process for local and international companies and investment funds. Furthermore, the DCSX’s sophisticated trading platform ensures transparency for the investor and guarantees visibility for the issuer.

Listing on the DCSX can provide a multitude of advantages.

For funds, it:

•          Increases the potential investor base 
•          Allows investors to mark their fund investment to market, more accurately reflecting the underlying
           asset’s true value 
•          Increases a fund’s prestige and profile 
•          Makes information for investors publicly available

For corporations, it:

•          Gives access to capital for growth 
•          Broadens the shareholder base 
•          Provides employee incentive and commitment 
•          Raises profile and visibility 
•          Increases corporate transparency 
•          Gives greater efficiency

It also creates a platform for:

•          asset protection and estate planning, 
•          the creation of substance in the Netherlands Antilles, and 
•          a regulatory environment for exchange traded funds.

The DCSX has created the LAD status for reputable listing sponsor firms such as Vistra to assist the issuer in the listing procedure. The LAD acts as coordinator between the issuer and the exchange at all times, and any company or fund seeking to list on the DCSX must have a LAD, both during the listing process and throughout its life as a listed entity. The LAD guides the issuer through the entire process and, once it is listed, the LAD must help the listed company to fulfil its obligations to the DCSX and investors. The LAD is accountable for all information and ensures that an issuer fulfils its transparency requirements.

The Netherlands Antilles has a renowned financial services industry, and financial and professional infrastructures that are among the best developed in the Caribbean. The DCSX offers Vistra’s clientele additional opportunities alongside the wide range of financial planning products already in place on Curaçao.

For further information please contact Gerard Jan van Spall on +(599 9) 7366 044 or by email


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