Tuesday, 15 December, 2015

Offshore 2020 Annual Market Report Launched


Since 2010, Vistra has produced the ‘Offshore 2020’ Annual Market Report. This unique market research examines trends and developments within our field. As an industry leader, we are determined to understand how the offshore industry will evolve in coming years, and we are confident that offshore will be a leaner, more resilient and more confident member of the global economy by 2020. 

Real and substantive change in the industry has been spoken about for years, but transition is imminent. Tax authorities continue their hunt for relevant data and additional revenues. Banks continue to “de-risk”. Key offshore jurisdictions are under pressure to evolve and adapt stricter transparency requirements. 

In this report, we tackle questions such as: how will the changes we are seeing affect the industry and client sentiments? Will implementation of the supranational standards be applied equally by and to all countries? Will the large onshore economies, keen to obtain data from the offshore jurisdictions, share data in return?

We recognize the challenges ahead and are committed to exploring how they can be overcome. We are eager to learn from those that want to reform our industry by engaging critics in our interactive research. We will continue taking an active role in our industry’s reputation and are hopeful that such engagement will reboot the industry going into 2020. 

As with every year, we have launched this report with a series of roundtables to facilitate global discussions on our industry’s hot topics. These roundtables have been very productive, and we are grateful for the energy of those who participated in Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, BVI, Cayman and Cyprus.