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Make Your Tech Company Go Global Seminar

Event details: Stockholm, Wednesday, 3 April 2019

It has never been so easy to do business on a global scale and the opportunities are endless. But never-the-less, there are many pitfalls out there. On 3rd April Vistra will give a hands-on seminar in Stockholm for entrepreneurs who wants to take their company out in the world.

The session will focus especially on the German, American and Chinese markets, which are typical for Swedish tech companies. The goal is to give attendees a good insight on how they should plan and get organised for entering any of these countries.

Speakers include Maria Slytå Commercial Director, Nordic Region, Joachim Buchau Managing Director IES and Sonia Kanjee Senior Manager and Rosario di Maggio Director - Business Development.

The seminar is hosted by the IOT Hub THINGS at THINGS premises.

You can register here.

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