Mumbai, India | Wednesday, 16 January, 2019 - Thursday, 17 January, 2019

International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo Mumbai 2019

The Mumbai International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo is a large-scale conference and exhibition to be held 16 - 17 January 2019 in Mumbai, India.

We are proud to be speaking at the event, where our Malta team will do a presentation on 'Malta: Your Gateway to EU Citizenship & Residence.'

The event will bring together leading companies from more than 30 countries.

The Expo will combine two events: A conference on the first day (16 January), and an exhibition, workshops, and networking on the second day (17 January).

Topics of the Expo

  • Dual residency in highly developed countries, temporary and permanent residency in highly developed countries, change of residency
  • Acquisition of luxury real estate:  
    • As a permanent or seasonal residence
    • To secure assets (liquid real estate in the world’s largest cities, property lease)
    • To gain temporary or permanent residency through investment
  • Personal financial consultancies:
    • Income and asset declaration in the EU, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, and other highly developed countries
    • Company registration, and bank accounts in highly developed countries
    • Private banking
    • Tax optimization


For further details, or to arrange to meet at the event, please contact Alistair or come find us at booth #1.




Deputy Managing Director,
+356 22 586 426