Global payroll outsourcing: How to choose a provider and manage implementation

14 September 2022
As a multinational organisation expands, managing payroll providers in each country of operation becomes increasingly complex and costly. Most businesses in this situation need to consider consolidating all or part of their payroll delivery.

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Ultimately, moving to the right global payroll provider creates efficiencies and lowers risks. But organisations considering the move must understand the challenges involved—from knowing what questions to ask when vetting providers to drafting an implementation plan to fulfilling payroll-related compliance obligations in all jurisdictions. These considerations are often ignored or glossed over during contract negotiations, which can leave an organisation ill-prepared to effectively implement the new payroll.

In this webinar, Vistra experts will address the most important considerations multinationals need to know before—and after—signing a contract with a global payroll provider so they can set realistic budgets, timelines, and internal expectations. Here are some areas they’ll discuss:


  • Common scenarios involving global payroll outsourcing, including pain points and blind spots

  • Questions to ask when vetting payroll providers

  • Common ongoing payroll contract obligations

  • How to draft a sound implementation plan

  • The major steps of global payroll implementation, including KYC, data mapping and internal communications

  • Developing policies and procedures to ensure ongoing payroll compliance across jurisdictions

  • How to work effectively with your new payroll partner in the short- and long-term



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