Thursday, 3 May, 2012

Seminar on advantages of Hong Kong as a platform for doing business in China.

The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands is organising, in cooperation with Vistra and the local Chambers of Commerce, two afternoon networking seminars in Breda and Rotterdam on the financial benefits of doing business in China via Hong Kong.

Both seminars, which will be held on the 22nd of May in Breda and on the 24th May in Rotterdam, are primarily intended for managers of companies who are doing business in Asia but have no establishment in Hong Kong yet and companies who are planning to start their business in China. Experts will share their experiences and give some key management concepts for successful operations in China using Hong Kong as a platform for these activities.

John Ashwood and Daniel Booth from our Hong Kong office will be presenting at the events.

Please visit The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands website for detailed agendas and further details on both seminars.

For more information, please contact John Ashwood or Daniel Booth on +852 2521 3661.


26 Sep
Monaco | 26 Sep - 29 Sep
Singapore | 27 Sep
Mauritius | 30 Sep
Mexico City | 4 Oct - 5 Oct
Luxembourg | 4 Oct - 5 Oct
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Warsaw | 18 Oct
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