Monday, 1 October, 2018

Vistra Real Estate Newsletter

Vistra is a one-stop-shop for international asset managers and institutional investors who want to invest in real estate in Europe.

Luxembourg is the preferred location for investment holding in the EU due to simple taxation rules and an established and standardised supervisory practice.

From Luxembourg, subsidiaries (PropCos) are established in individual EU countries, depending on the location of the property being acquired. The shareholder financing is provided by the Luxembourg holding company, whilst external financing is often provided in the country in which the properties are to be acquired. PropCos need a registered once address and at least one managing director. Bank accounts also need to be set up and the legal, fiscal, and administrative requirements of the PropCo fulfilled by a service provider comprehensively and on time.

Foreign investors are interested in ensuring that the property generates the highest possible rental income and that the management and administration of the property and PropCos is as problem-free and cost effective as possible. Foreign investors also want to regularly receive consolidated reporting that gives them a complete overview of their investment. In order to carry out the diverse tasks professionally and to the satisfaction of the customers, such international investment structures require extensive expertise and experts in the individual countries, in particular from the consulting firm that manages the administration for HoldCos and PropCos.

In this newsletter our experts have presented examples of different aspects and structures of an EU investment structure. Vistra specialises in providing fund administration services not only within Europe, but also to worldwide investment structures. Vistra is your contact for international real estate investments; our multidisciplinary teams in Europe, particularly in the UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany, are available to answer all your questions.

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