Tuesday, 27 September, 2016

Martin Crawford Talks to VCCircle About ITCL and Expansion Plans

Martin Crawford, CEO at Vistra, recently spoke to VCCircle about the acquisition of IL&FS Trust Co Ltd, India’s largest independent corporate trust services provider, and the plans for globally expanding their corporate trust services.

“Vistra’s strategy is to expand the ITCL business internationally and it already has a very strong presence in India, with offices in six locations across the country. Therefore, ITCL will continue to grow locally,” said Martin. 

“ITCL provides corporate trust services, which is a new addition to the Vistra business portfolio and one which we have marked as ideal for our expansion into other capital markets. The aim is to first grow the business into Singapore, and then most likely into Dubai and Hong Kong,'' he added.

VCCircle is India’s leading online financial data and information services group.

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