Friday, 22 August, 2014

Martin Crawford and Jonathon Clifton to speak at the 2014 inaugural Business BVI Asia Conference

Martin Crawford, CEO of Offshore Incorporations Limited Group (OIL) will be the keynote speaker at the Business BVI Asia Annual Regional Conference on 11 September 2014 in Hong Kong. He will be speaking about the developments and the key trends that the offshore industry are facing, as well as sharing the initial findings of the OIL’s 5th “Offshore 2020” annual market research report. The official release of OIL "Offshore 2020" annual market research report and findings is scheduled in October.

Jonathon Clifton, OIL’s Managing Director of Asia will also take part in the session “Growing Brand BVI in Asia - A Pivotal Role” as a panellist. Recently, Jonathon shared his views on the outlook of the offshore industry and the growing relationship between Asia and the BVI in an interview.

OIL is a silver sponsor of the Business BVI Asia Conference 2014. For further information on the event, please click here.