Tuesday, 21 February, 2012

Vistra sponsors Hong Kong Trade Development Council Roadshow.

Vistra has announced it will be sponsoring the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Roadshow taking place between 13 and 22 March.

The roadshow will visit Paris, Lyon, Stuttgart and Cologne, with Vistra having stands at the Paris (13thMarch), Stuttgart (20th March) and Cologne (22nd March) events. Expert speakers will explore the advantages of Hong Kong as the strategic gateway of choice or French and German companies wishing to manage their business interests in mainland China and Asia.

There will also be a case study exploring how one German company successfully used Hong Kong as a base for controlling businesses in China.

For more information and a detailed conference agenda, please email Friedemann Höfig or contact him on  +49 69 5830 3570 1Vistra sponsors Hong Kong Trade Development Council Roadshow.


Berlin | 26 Feb - 1 Mar
Hong Kong | 2 Mar
Krakow | 8 Mar
Hong Kong | 12 Mar
Cannes | 13 Mar - 16 Mar
Bucharest, Romania | 28 Mar - 29 Mar


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