Wednesday, 14 December, 2011

Asia driving growth in offshore industry - New survey by Vistra's sister company OIL.

Vistra's sister company in Asia, Offshore Incorporations Limited (OIL), has published details of its latest annual survey which looks at trends and growth in the offshore marketplace. Key themes to emerge from the 2011 study including the importance of Asia as a growth engine in the market, the rapid development of new "midshore" centres such as Hong Kong and Singapore, partly as a response to changed regulatory requirements, the resilience of traditional offshore centres and finally details of an emerging demand amongst clients for ever more sophisticated worldwide solutions backed by strong technical knowledge, tailored advice and a global resource network.

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Moscow | 19 Feb - 20 Feb
Stockholm | 20 Feb
Berlin | 26 Feb - 1 Mar
Hong Kong | 2 Mar
Krakow | 8 Mar
Hong Kong | 12 Mar
Bucharest, Romania | 28 Mar - 29 Mar


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