When backstage takes centre stage

Over 420 years after its invention, demand for opera in Vienna shows no sign of waning. Here’s how one opera house adds extra to the ordinary to stage an extraordinary 70 shows a year.


Producing a single opera on the scale of a Viennese showstopper, for an audience over 2,000 strong, takes more than over 1,000 people, making an extra effort.

However, it’s not just the sheer numbers that make these operas extraordinary, it’s the complexity of hundreds of moving parts and people, all working seamlessly together.

Like the stage hands behind the scenes, discover how Vistra take care of the ordinary side of business so our clients can make the extraordinary possible.

Extraordinary opera

Extra team work

Before the performers can take their places centre stage, an extraordinary team effort has to take place backstage.

It all starts with the stage manager.

He or she, along with two assistants, is responsible for ensuring the singers and dancers make their entrances at the right time; the lighting and set changes are on cue; and dozens of other behind-the scenes decisions keep the show running smoothly.

And none of this would be possible without some 250 stage crew working against the clock during intermissions to make sure the set is ready for the next act.

Extraordinary backstage

Attention to detail

Vienna operas are famous for their extraordinary costumes and sets, which often elicit a standing ovation before a performance begins. The set designer works hand-in-hand with the production team to create these fantastical, immersive environments in which to stage the story.

That includes the lighting designers, who direct the production team in how, where and when to light the stage, which colours to use, and when to use the spotlights. And more than a dozen costumiers, joined by wig and make up artists, to make sure no hair or thread is out of place.

They manage close to 180,000 outfits from the costume archive to dress over a hundred performers for every show.

Without all these behind-the-scenes performances, producing 70 different operas in a single year wouldn’t be possible. That’s what we call adding extra to the ordinary.

Extraordinary detail

Achieve extraordinary with our extra level of service

Like these ordinary heroes giving their extra behind the scenes, our 5,000+ corporate and fund service specialists always go the extra mile; taking care of the ordinary side of business to help our clients reduce their risk and grow more efficiently.

Their ambition is to help businesses perform the extraordinary – whether developing new technology, investing impactfully, or growing sustainably.

Discover how our specialist sector teams in corporate, private equity, real estate, capital markets, and private wealth, can add an extra level of expertise and support for you or your business.


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