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Raising ordinary to new heights

Preserving Milan’s revolutionary Bosco Verticale takes more than a few watering cans and some secateurs.

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The men that abseil 110m down the sheer face of this Vertical Forest are no ordinary thrill seekers – they are in fact residential gardeners.

Expert climbers and arboriculturists, they combine their passion for horticulture with death-defying stunts that have earned them the nickname ‘the flying gardeners’…

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Leaping from terrace to terrace, the flying gardeners truly go the extra mile to trim, prune and water the 20,800 trees and shrubs that give the towers their name.

The extraordinary residential buildings they tend to were designed by another extra ordinary team: the architects of Boeri Architetti.

Guided by their architect-in-chief, Stefano Boeri, the studio’s vision was to incorporate nature into high-rise living to increase biodiversity in urban areas.

And with the two Bosco Verticale towers creating over 30,000 m2 of green space on just 3,000 m2 of land, they more than succeeded.

To put their achievement in perspective, a typical urban-reforestation development on this scale, would swallow the equivalent of 75,000 m2 of family homes.

Combined, the Bosco’s foliage absorbs an extraordinary 19,958 kilograms of carbon each year from the atmosphere.And the buildings themselves are engineered to be completely self-sufficient; solar panels provide renewable energy, and filtered waste water sustains the plant life.

Alongside the 300 human residents, are dozens of animal species, including 1,600 birds and butterflies.With 60 varieties of trees and 94 varieties of plants the towers are a biodiverse haven for flora and fauna from across the city.

The flying gardeners work all-year round to keep this extraordinary habitat thriving.As the seasons transform it from shades of green to oranges and reds, the extraordinary spectacle is their reward for an extra ordinary effort.

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