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Before businesses can level up the poorest with their innovations and job creation they need trust to get them started. And trust starts with the legal entity.

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Confidence really is everything. It keeps our $94 trillion world economy growing, raising over a billion people out of poverty in the last 25 years alone. But confidence doesn’t rest on extraordinary results – it needs ordinary too. Like the humble legal entity, millions of them, dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ’t’s so businesses can be trusted by governments, investors, employees and consumers – and power the growth that will transform another billion lives. That’s what we call adding extra to the ordinary. At Vistra, we know there’s more to legal entities than meets the eye. It’s why our people and tools are dedicated to setting up, securing and managing ordinary legal entities, so that businesses that rely on them can perform the extraordinary. Discover how Vistra can help make your extraordinary possible.

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An extra level of service

As a leading fund administrator and corporate service provider, we go the extra mile so our clients can make a difference in the world – whether they’re developing new technology, new ways of investing, or new ways of working. 

Our sector teams specialise in corporate, private equity, real estate, capital markets, and private wealth, and bring an extra level of support to the ordinary but fundamental activities that keep our clients thriving.

Central to all our services is the extra attention our people give to legal entities – whether setting up, managing, or exiting them – enabling our clients to expand into new markets, employ more people, improve their productivity, structure their enterprise more efficiently, and act with greater confidence. 


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