Every extraordinary achievement starts with adding extra to the ordinary

We live in extraordinary times. Enterprising leaders, innovative businesses, and creative geniuses are making a huge difference to our lives. But behind every record breaker and overnight success story, are ordinary people, giving extra to everything they do, making those extraordinary achievements possible. We think they’re extraordinary too, so we’re sharing some of their stories.

Discover them below

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When backstage takes centre stage

Over 420 years after its invention, demand for opera in Vienna shows no sign of waning. We explore how one opera house produces an extraordinary 70 shows a year.

Discover what it takes to stage an opera.

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Raising ordinary to new heights

When Milan’s extraordinary Bosco Verticale apartment tower needs its greenery trimmed, there’s only one team to call – the ‘flying gardeners’.

Discover the flying gardeners.

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Unseen but not unheard

Staging a stadium concert is an enormous undertaking. We break down the numbers, and track the extra effort that goes into one extraordinary live show.

Discover a record-breaking stage show.

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Enabling enterprise, transforming lives

Businesses around the world have helped level up over a billion people in the last 25 years. Truly extraordinary. And underpinning them all is a humble legal structure.

Discover the ordinary legal structure supporting the world economy.

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