Wolfgang Schmidt-Gorbach

MD Alternative Investments, Munich

Wolfgang joined Vistra as Partner and Managing Director in March 2017. He currently co-leads the Munich office and is head of the Munich office of Vistra’s International Expansion Services.

Wolfgang started his professional career in 1990 in Berlin, specialising in consulting real estate closed end funds. After passing the tax consultants exam in 1995, he moved to the Munich area, where he founded his own tax consultancy firm in 2001. Merging with optegra in 2009 made Wolfgang founding partner of optegra, now part of the Vistra family.

He works primarily with real estate fund clients advising them on all tax related questions. In addition, Wolfgang assists his domestic and international clients in all kinds of change processes with particular focus on M & A, MBO and generation change. His clients range from start-ups to mid size companies.

Wolfgang has a Diploma in Business Management from the Technical University Berlin and is appointed as a Tax Consultant.

His native language is German but he also speaks fluent English and a bit of Spanish.

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