Peter Reinold

Managing Director International Expansion, Cologne Cologne

Since 1993 Peter has worked for BVNT, the predessessor of optegra as tax consultant. He has been a Partner since 2003. He co-founded optegra in 2005 and heads up the IES tax team in Cologne.

Peter has many years of experience in the sectors: national and international tax law with focus on structuring and routing, expatriates and transfer pricing as well as the taxation of Private Equity and Real Estate Funds. Regarding international reporting, he is focussed on US-GAAP and IFRS, in particular the transition of German GAAP to the aforementioned formats.

Peter has a degree in Business Administration from the RWTH Aachen. He is also a tax consultant and lecturer at the Bundesfinanzakademie.

Peter's native language is German but he also speaks English and some Dutch.

+49 221 8005080
Peter Reinold Vistra Work Phone +49 221 8005080