Anastasia Williams

Regional Head, Business Development

Anastasia	Williams

Anastasia Williams is Regional Head of Business Development and Relationship Management for Vistra’s North American Alternative Investments business. Anastasia and her team work with many of the largest global private equity funds and their portfolio companies. She has extensive experience in outsourcing back office operations for cross-border activity of funds and special purpose entities. In addition, she has assisted the buy side in some of the largest global carve out transactions.

Prior to joining Vistra, Anastasia led the Private Equity practice in North America at TMF Group working with leading global investment firms  that operate and invest globally. Prior to TMF Group, Anastasia held roles in the sales organizations at SS&C GlobeOp and foreign exchange companies.

Anastasia holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a Master’s Degree from Duke University.

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