Warsaw (Corporate Services)

Vistra Poland is the leading independent provider of trust, corporate, compliance and fund services in the Central and Eastern European region (CEE).

We offer an international service supporting inward investors to Poland and have offices in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan and Lublin.

Our company has pioneered shelf company services in Poland and has helped over 2,000 businesses enter the CEE region, many of whom retain services for company administration, management reporting, accounting, payroll, and local compliance.

Offering a high level of professional service from qualified, experienced staff managed by a team with Big Four backgrounds, Vistra Poland’s clients include multi-national corporations, property funds and investors, private equity funds, oil and gas exploration companies, and high net worth individuals.

We are always looking at ways to respond to the growing needs of our clients and this is why we can offer new solutions aimed to enhance work processes within an enterprise and support major functions.

We are pleased to announce that our clients are now able to access a unique all-in-one document capture automated solution, combining business processes and documents archive functionalities, as well as an online portal that concentrates all HR & Payroll functions, which can be accessed securely online anytime from anywhere.

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Warsaw (Corporate Services)
Vistra Corporate Services Sp. z o.o,
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Vistra Corporate Clients aims to offer a highly professional service to all of our clients. Feedback is important to us so that we can learn and improve. If you have any feedback you wish to share with us, please send an email to clientfeedback@vistra.com or use the contact form below.


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Completing the necessary formalities to enter a market in our region is a time-consuming endeavour. Without local support and expertise the process can be frustrating and costly. 

Vistra Poland has close working relationships with the major audit, law and advisory firms. As a trusted partner our practical knowledge is applied to bring closure to administrative aspects of market entry.

Our solutions allow clients flexibility in when they enter and how they operate.

Shelf Companies and Company Formation

Our shelf company service offers an efficient, turnkey solution to company formation of the more commonly used forms of companies, including Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Joint-Stock Partnerships and Joint-Stock Companies.

Where market entry or an investment is not subject to time pressure we also offer a full company incorporation service which includes all registrations with the competent courts, tax authorities and statistical offices to commence business operations. Our team can also open bank accounts on behalf of a company and all work is conducted under a task framed power of attorney.

Corporate Secretarial

We provide a corporate secretary function namely: basic changes to the Articles of Association, amendments to the Court register, and updates with other statutory or regulatory authorities, maintenance of share registers, appointment and dismissal of board members, holding of AGM’s under proxy and formal board meeting minutes.

Domiciliary and Fiduciary

Our domiciliary services provide a registered address, external signage and diligent review of incoming correspondence, with notification and advice on action required.

When local management and control are required Vistra has qualified and experienced directors to fulfil fiduciary roles. Our services are of particular benefit for investors or fund managers who need to administer assets without a local physical presence.

Accounting and Payroll

Our market entry services allow clients to benefit from cost effective and time efficient solutions for company formations, corporate secretarial and other administrative issues.

In addition, we can provide services for accounting under US GAAP or IFRS standards. This can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

We also provide payroll and human resource support to clients when local staff are employed.

Please contact Wojciech Turski for further information about our Market Entry services.


Vistra Poland shelf company service offers an efficient, turnkey solution to company formation of the more commonly used forms of companies including Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnerships, Limited Joint-Stock Partnerships and Joint-Stock Companies.

When compared to other options for company formation our service offers significant savings. Moreover an investor can avoid unnecessary commitment while an acquisition, start up, or capital investment is under negotiation.

Our shelf companies have been carefully structured to facilitate a quick, efficient transfer of ownership and commencement of business activities.

Our service meets a broad range of needs and is of particular value when the timing of market entry is critical, for example with company, or real estate acquisitions.

Under direct control of Vistra Poland, our shelf companies are fully established, operational entities which include:

  • Registered address.
  • Flexible articles of association.
  • Minimum statutory share capital funding.
  • Active bank account.
  • Registration with the competent authorities.
  • Tax registration (CIT & VAT).
  • Statistical office registration, where applicable.
  • Current accounting records and financial statements.

As Vistra Poland shelf companies are registered with the tax authorities investors can therefore maximise corporate income tax (CIT) and VAT tax benefits from the moment of acquisition.

Our corporate secretarial services team can provide after sale support with regard to newly-purchased companies in preparing notifications or changes to the courts and other reporting bodies.


Specialised transactions often require special purpose vehicles. Securitisation transactions or tax structures require basic administrative support.

Working closely with the client’s advisors, Vistra Poland is a reliable, independent party to the arrangement offering the following support from an administrative point of view:

  • Shelf companies.
  • Registered address.
  • Corporate secretarial services.
  • Accounting and compliance services.
  • Directorships.
  • Nominee shareholding.

Through our global network in 40 jurisdictions, we can help you with other respected trust offices in popular holding company jurisdictions namely: Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Channel Islands, Cyprus and many more to facilitate the set-up and operations of a structure.

Please contact Wojciech Turski for further information about our Shelf Companies services.


Vistra Poland has a professional team of accountants experienced in working with multinational companies to manage local statutory compliance and administrative reporting.

Vistra’s clients enjoy a high level of professional service, delivered by qualified, experienced staff, with each client benefitting from a flexible approach to meeting their needs. 

We serve all types of entities from start-up investments right through to large multinational businesses with multiple entities.  Our team includes specialists in the areas of local tax law, corporate structures, experienced in the IT, real estate, energy, shale gas sectors, along with German and Spanish desks.

We take a proactive approach by reviewing, rather than just processing information provided to us. This is imperative in our legal and tax environments that are constantly evolving.

Our accounting system exceeds common standards in the region, allowing us to deliver:

  • Client specific chart of accounts.
  • Data analysis by cost centre, service, product, region and other dimensions.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency options.
  • Secure e-banking interfaces with all major banks.
  • Data interfaces for input of sales data from client systems, or service providers.
  • Sales invoice generation.
  • Integrated fixed asset and depreciation modules.
  • Automatic year end valuations.
  • Standing entries.
  • Automated corporate income tax (CIT) and VAT calculations and statutory reports.


Clients can also opt for secure, online accounting with real time access to data for interim reviews on balance sheets, P&L statements, creditors and debtors along with standard monthly reporting.

Please contact Sylwia Toczyska for further information about our Accounting services. 


Vistra Poland offers accounting clients online access to their financial data. The service is ideal for clients with tough deadlines on monthly reporting at a group or consolidated level. Fast and accurate reporting is also vital for investors who need to observe covenants on financing arrangements.

 The key benefits of our online service are:

 Multilanguage user interface.

  • Web enabled for zero desktop footprint.
  • Read only access with encryption and password protection.
  • Direct export of management reports to Excel in client specific formats.
  • Interim review of balance sheet and P&L.
  • Interim review of debtors, creditors and cost centres.
  • Facility for custom pivot analysis.


Access to data is through a web browser based portal with no need for additional software. Data encryption ensures that data is secure. All access is password protected and restricted to client nominated users.

Once configured to a client’s specific requirements, management reports accessed online are already formatted and ready for review or export. Delivery of reports is a simple system generated task without the need to manipulate large volumes of data in other software.

Our online facility also allows for interim review of balance sheets, P&L statements, and the status of creditors and debtors. Review of data line by line is straightforward. Specific pivot analysis is available with a facility to save dimensions for future access. The system has user logs on all activity providing an audit trial for proper management control and transparency.

The service is backed up with training for the software and easy to follow user manuals. A help desk service is available to support users on access or software issues.

Please contact Michal Lewczuk for further information about our Online Accounting services. .


As hiring local employees can be complicated due to specific requirements and responsibilities imposed on employers, our human resources and payroll department offers an overall solution for control, reporting, and compliance with local legislation.

Vistra HR & Payroll services ensure our clients comply with the regulations. All data and communication is treated in strictest confidence in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Vistra HR team can also help a client during the recruitment process, by providing an administrative support function while the client focuses on the interview and selection process of potential candidates. Our offering is flexible and will be determined on a case by case basis after discussion with the client.

Vistra Poland’s offering is now backed up by an expert software, designed to enhance work processes within an enterprise with maximum security achieved.

We offer access to an online portal concentrating all HR & Payroll functions on one dedicated platform where a client’s employees can exchange working documentation directly with Vistra, accessing it securely online anytime from anywhere, even from mobile devices.

Our services include:

  • Employment of a client’s candidates on the basis of an employment contract for the given period of time upon an agreed salary.
  • Maintenance of personal files according to the Labour Law provisions, collecting necessary personal data.
  • Preparation of temporary employment contracts.
  • Registration of employees at the Social Security Authority (ZUS).
  • Issuance of employment certificates at the end of the employment relationship.
  • Processing of payroll information, calculation of remuneration upon receipt of data (including bonus systems, fringe benefits, overtime etc.).
  • Calculation of absences: holidays, sick leave, maternity benefit and others upon receipt of data.
  • Preparation of coded salary pay slips.
  • Disbursement of funds to the employees.
  • Preparation and submission of monthly social security returns.
  • Disbursement of funds to ZUS/PIT.
  • Preparation of annual tax information for the employees.

Please contact Agnieszka Polańska-Kanka for further information about services related to HR & Payroll Projects.

Clients often require additional resources or skills to carry out project work or to cover extended periods of absence. Vistra Poland provides flexible solutions with professional staff to complete specific tasks or secondment to a client’s office.

We have qualified professional accounting staff to cover the full range of interim positions in your accounting department, including Finance Director, Chief Accountant and Independent Accountant. Seconded assignments can be tailored to meet client’s needs; full time, a few weeks, or ongoing support at critical periods such as month/year end compliance and reporting.

Our service for project delivery is ideal for short term tasks that have tight deadlines.

Accounting Projects

  • Secondment of staff to client teams for short-term accounting projects.
  • Assisting with preparation for audits or due diligence.
  • Assisting with preparation of documentation in advance of tax authority audits.
  • Assisting with stocktaking.
  • Assisting with fixed asset inventory.
  • Preparation of statutory stand alone or consolidated financial statements.
  • Preparation of reporting packages according to group accounting policies, IFRS or US GAAP.
  • Limited scope reviews of accounting records and documents.
  • Reconciliation and clear up of accounting records.


In addition to our financial and accounting expertise, Vistra has a team of experienced legal assistants who can be deployed to provide paralegal support to a client’s retained advisers on time sensitive projects around transactions or governance reviews.


Corporate Secretarial Projects

  • Secondment of staff to client teams for short-term corporate secretarial projects.
  • Preparation and management of data rooms for due diligence purposes.
  • Review of client corporate records and corporate compliance reports.
  • Cross-border assistance in structure set up during the process of a transaction.
  • Assistance in closing transactions within an agreed and required scope.


Please contact Sylwia Toczyska for further information about our Projects and Outsourced Interim Staff services. 

The liquidation process in our region has a statutory minimum period of six months to complete for a limited liability company. The process often takes longer. 

Vistra Poland provides full accounting and corporate secretarial services to facilitate an orderly and efficient winding up process in compliance with local statutory requirements.

Our team will oversee and control the liquidation process and in closing assist with redistribution of assets as directed by the shareholder. The service includes:

  • Preparation of shareholder resolutions under proxy.
  • Filing resolutions and other required documents to open the liquidation.
  • Notifications in the Government Gazette, where applicable.
  • Preparation of various financial reports and financial statements.
  • Submission of financial statements to competent authorities.
  • Organisation and documenting the final company meetings for dissolution.
  • Final notifications to competent authorities for de-registration.
  • Storage of the Company records for the statutory period.

On request, a member of Vistra’s staff can act as an appointed liquidator. To undertake this role our preference is for all outstanding significant commercial issues to be concluded prior to opening the liquidation process. To ease the process with compliance and completion we also ask that sufficient funding or financial guarantees are in place. Such use of Vistra normally takes place when there is limited management time or local resource to oversee a relatively lengthy and bureaucratic process.

Please contact Wojciech Turski for further information about our Liquidation services. 

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