The Garden City of India, Bangalore, is now more commonly known as the “Silicon Valley of India” due to the high number of information technology companies located in the city.  

The headquarters of several public sector undertakings including the Indian Space Research Organisation are located in Bangalore.  The city also hosts many multinationals and entrepreneur driven companies alike. A demographically diverse city, Bangalore is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India

With over a decade of experience, Vistra India is deeply invested in delivering quality finance, accounting and statutory compliances services to our clients. Our focus lies on playing an instrumental role in providing the best solutions and offerings, which suit the needs of both local and international clients.

The Vistra India team consists of qualified, competent and experienced professionals, whose requisite skills are complemented by their strong values. When working with us, all you need to do is focus on reaching the pinnacle of your success, while we provide the financial services and support that help you stay there.

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Vistra Corporate Services (India) Pvt. Ltd
(Formerly known as Ujwal Management Services Pvt Ltd)
No 52, 1st Floor, 100 Feet Road,
2nd Block, Koramangala,
Bangalore 560 034, India.
+91 80 2563 0686
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Vistra Corporate Clients aims to offer a highly professional service to all of our clients. Feedback is important to us so that we can learn and improve. If you have any feedback you wish to share with us, please send an email to or use the contact form below.


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Our Ongoing Support Services provide clients with the expertise to manage functions like Finance and Accounting, Payroll and benefits administration and Statutory Compliances.

Finance and Accounting

Our experienced team can assist with:

  • Accounting and book-keeping of transactions on a daily basis under Indian GAAP and  other standards that the clients may specify
  • Facilitation of audit of quarterly/annual accounts
  • Preparation and implementation of internal control policies
  • Corporate taxation
  • Preparation and maintenance of exhaustive MIS reports in a format, and at a frequency, specified by the client.


Payroll Benefits and Administration

The success of a company is linked to its people. Vistra's Payroll and Benefits Administration Services ensure complete employee satisfaction. We can assit with:

  • Payroll processing and providing portal for viewing payroll related information
  • Preparation of company policies on matters like compensation and travel, loans
  • Structuring of employee compensation for tax optimisation
  • Benefits administration
  • Preparation and implementation of stock option and stock purchase schemes
  • Ensuring adequate insurance coverage for all employees


Statutory Compliances

Companies cannot afford to ignore compliance and regulations.  The Vistra team is well acquainted with Indian laws and regulations, ensuring that our clients fully comply with all statutory requirements at all times.

We can assist with the maintenance of records and filing of returns under various laws such as:

  • Company law
  • Income Tax laws – both direct and indirect
  • Labor laws
  • STPI and Customs/Excise regulations 

Contemplating a corporate transaction, but bogged down by legalese and taxation laws?

Our Advisory Services offers expert advice on the legal and taxation aspects of specific corporate transactions like transitioning out of a Build Operate Transfer (“BOT”) arrangement, acquiring an Indian company and selling out to a foreign company.

We can help with:

  • Drafting/vetting of the various agreements that need to be signed as part of the transaction.
  • Liaising with the various service providers like attorneys, investment bankers for implementing the transaction.
  • India entry strategy with appropriate capital structure and repatriation mechanism.
  • Advising on financial/tax implication emanating from various contracts like revenue contracts, inter company transactions etc.
  • Analysing impact of various regulations like income tax, FEMA while executing shareholders agreements, and other agreements in M&A transactions.
  • Advising on Employee Stock Option Scheme implementation.

The financial and compliance aspects of setting up and running a high-technology business can be rather daunting, especially for companies and entrepreneurs venturing into new businesses.

We can function as your CFO and help in completing the transactions as quickly and smoothly as possible.

As your CFO, our services include:

  • Overseeing all company accounting practices, including accounting departments, financial reports, along with tax and audit functions. The data acquired will then be used to highlight the management, especially areas that need their attention, with regard to cost management.
  • Constantly monitoring the capital structure and suggesting interventions, whenever required., along with advising the management on raising finances through debt/equity/hybrid instruments, etc., as warranted.
  • Interacting with potential investors and ensuring any questions they might have are addressed.
  • Scanning the regulatory environment from time to time and devising appropriate responses for changes in the same, especially from taxation and other regulatory perspectives.
  • Directing financial strategies, planning and forecasts, in co-ordination with Sales and other department heads, as well as, assisting the management in developing business plans/forecasts and monitoring variances from the same.
  • Analysing and reporting trends and opportunities for expansion ,and projection of future company growth.
  • Assisting the management with designing compensation structures with a view to attracting top notch talent, while maintaining profitability.
  • Defining corporate and capital structures
  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Building business plans
  • Drafting/Vetting Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect clients’ confidential information
  • Budgeting and implementation of control policies
  • Developing and implementing ESOPs
  • Defining and implementing accounting policies, etc.


We work closely with you, understand your finance/ accounting and compliances needs and provide you with custom made solutions.

India is fast emerging as a favored business destination and a source of high quality talent.  Many global corporations – especially in the people intensive/ high technology spaces- are keen on establishing a subsidiary in India and our domain expertise can be an invaluable asset in such a scenario.

Our ‘Offshore Enabling Services’ mainly cater to Global Technology Corporations looking at setting up a subsidiary in India, within a short time frame and in complete conformity with Indian laws.

Over the past decade, we have assisted more than 100 corporations with:

  • Incorporation of their Indian subsidiary.
  • Obtaining various statutory registrations including registration with the Software Technology Parks of India
  • Establishing contacts with trustworthy third-party service providers like Realtors, recruiters, and other service companies.
  • Structuring salaries, defining benefits, implementing ESOPs, and other employee benefit and compensation related work.

Benefits of ‘Offshore Enabling’ Services

  • Visibility and Predictability: We provide customers with complete visibility of costs and time lines involved in setting up their Indian subsidiary. Clients can monitor the progress of the registration process, in real-time.
  • Adherence to budget and time lines: We complete the setup process well within the budgeted cost and time limits.
  • Compliance with statutes: We ensure that our clients can commence their Indian operations at the earliest, and still be fully compliant with all relevant statutes.
  • Access to our vendor database: Our comprehensive and reliable database helps us bridge our clients with the right kind of vendors for needs outside our domain to avail of quality services at the best rates.


Our services are not limited to the above list.  We understand that you may have other requirements and we will be glad to accommodate them.


Our promise of assured integrity and quality deliverables also extends to the field of Fund Accounting.

The collective experience of Vistra India, acquired through many years of working with established companies and their subsidiaries, is being channelled to provide similar finance and compliance solutions for smaller and medium sized companies.

We can provide:

Fund Accounting Services

  • Payables Accounting with automatic allocation of expenses to partner capital accounts.
  • Capital Call and distributions Accounting.
  • Periodic valuation of investments and accounting gain\losses.
  • Accounting for new portfolio investments, exits.
  • Audit Support for Financial Statements and K-1s to LPs.

Fund Administration Services

  • Preparing weekly cash-flow and review of cash position for any capital call required.
  • Sending out capital call and distribution letters.
  • Collating investment documents and comparing them with investment committees approvals\memo for proposed investments.
  • Custody of Share Certificates for investments, if custodial services are not availed.


  • Up-to-date Investment schedule with unrealised gains and losses.
  • Monthly/Quarterly Income Statement, Statement of Partners Capital, Assets and Liabilities.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly/Inception-to-date Partner Capital Statements.
  • Dashboard on portfolio companies covering their financial performance, historical investment information, shareholding pattern etc.,
  • Financial information for LP reporting and IRR Reports.
  • Other Accounting Reports as required.

LP Services

  • Maintaining a database of LPs contact information and bank details for wire transfers.
  • Providing tax information to LPs – estimates of capital balance pending K-1s.
  • Providing key financial information on Portfolio Companies in the format prescribed by Institutions LPs.

Vistra ITCL (India) Limited (‘Vistra ITCL’) is the largest independent Corporate Trustee in India.

Vistra ITCL offers a multitude of Trustee services across debentures and bonds, private equity and alternate funds and bank lending. We also offer corporate formation and market entry services, due diligence, enforcement and monitoring services to both domestic and foreign entities including banks, financial institutions, corporates, funds, governments, insurance companies, non-profit organisations and high net worth individuals.

Established in 1995, Vistra ITCL holds Debenture Trustee license from the Indian Capital Markets Regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). 

For further information, please visit the Vistra ITCL website.



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