Managing complexity in carving out assets and operations

Successfully spinning off divisions or parts of your enterprise requires planning and a lot of operational changes. There are many factors that can impede success during a carve-out and we work with you every step of the way to make sure the business you are selling is in an operational readiness stage. We work with clients to review, recommend and prepare operational changes to enable optimal separation for a successful sale.

Whether you need to establish a legal entity, divest, create or reform corporate structures, stand up a management accounting function, hire or transfer employees or just run payroll and fulfill local employer obligations, you need a professional and reliable partner.

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Expanding internationally remains an attractive prospect for businesses pursuing growth, new markets, expanded talent pools and other benefits.
Starting in July 2016, US companies relied on the EU-US Privacy Shield to transfer personal data across the Atlantic in compliance with EU rules. In July 2020, however, the European Court of Justice invalidated the Privacy Shield over worries about US government surveillance practices.
Any organisation that conducts cross-border transactions may at some point need to engage a process agent.
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