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The world of business has never been more connected. Capital, information and people are in constant motion, opening up exciting opportunities every day. There are so many critical roles to play in ushering in a world of borderless business. 

That’s why Vistra believes in creating an environment where YOU are the designer of your career.

  • A place where you take responsibility for creating an international business career that reflects your skills, goals and lifestyle 
  • A place where new experiences are possible, initiative is rewarded and accelerated development happens—when it’s earned
  • A place where you can be intentional about your professional life, shaping your future and yourself in the process

Only a fast-growing, entrepreneurial company like ours with a bold vision for the industry can offer such a breadth of experience and choice. 

What role will you play on the stage of international business?

Connect with others

Vistra has a diverse global workforce of more than 4,600 people from 45 corners of the world. We are in major city centers like Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Bangalore and New York. High growth areas like Shenzhen, Warsaw, Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur. Even picturesque locations like Mauritius, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Malta.

Come and work alongside talented colleagues who bring expertise across a range of business disciplines, from legal, accounting, finance, investment and compliance to IT, operations, business development, marketing and HR.

You will get exposure to interesting clientele from a range of industries:

  • Multinationals
  • High-growth companies
  • Private equity firms
  • International accounting firms
  • International law firms
  • Wealthy families and individuals
Expand your professional and leadership skills with Vistra’s innovative development programs:
  • Vistra U: Our virtual learning environment with 500+ courses and select live events
  • Role-based Development: Our training courses, which span a range of topics and are designed for the unique needs of different positions
  • Emergent Training: Our just-in-time programs addressing critical business needs as they unfold
  • Mentorship: Our mentorship program linking mentors to mentees around the world
  • Subsidies: Our support for continuing education and accreditations outside of Vistra

Development isn’t strictly a formal endeavor at Vistra. Our commitment to professional development extends beyond giving our team members immediate exposure to challenging work but also forming global partnerships with professional bodies to enable our staff to continually deliver service excellence. You can learn and gain experience in a culture where people who take charge of their development goals are actively supported and move up and around quickly in a company that encourages accelerated development. 

Be part of our rapid expansion

Vistra offers you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic industry that is expanding its services and coverage in an increasingly global world. We also give you the chance to join an industry leader that is in major growth mode. Numerous strategic acquisitions and continued expansion of client segments and services has positioned us as one of the world’s top three industry leaders.

Be part of a company that combines the power of a global network with the appeal of personalized service. And control your own destiny in our entrepreneurial culture where innovation and creativity are celebrated—and high performers can become equity owners.

Thrive in a caring environment

At Vistra, being of service to our clients is seen as an art and a privilege. That caring spirit is also alive and well in our day-to-day interactions with each other. Part of this comes from our highly multi-cultural workforce. We know first hand that there truly is great strength in diversity.  

We pride ourselves on a workplace where you’re surrounded by people who describe themselves as friendly, collaborative and fun. There’s no shortage of local office camaraderie, whether its soccer leagues, birthday celebrations, happy hours or team volunteering efforts. And we all come together to make a difference through our innovative Corporate Social Responsibility program.

  • 4,600 Professionals
  • 81 Offices
  • 45 Jurisdictions
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