Brexit-Related Services

Vistra's solution

Vistra provides all the services multinational organisations need to make informed decisions related to Brexit. 

We have experts located in the UK and EU countries, who specialise in direct and indirect taxation, transfer pricing, immigration, HR, alternative fund management and more. We know how Brexit may affect these areas, and we can help you update your business plans, policies and practices, and strategies accordingly. We even have a UK-based regulated law firm - Vistra Corporate Law - that’s uniquely positioned to provide integrated legal services alongside our other services.

Critically, we also provide all the one-time expansion services and ongoing back office services a company needs to get up and running quickly and maintain operations in virtually any new jurisdiction. We have UK offices and offices in EU countries widely regarded as attractive alternatives to the UK. We understand these countries’ local laws, customs and languages, so you’ll remain compliant and competitive even as Brexit-related uncertainties continue.

Finally, our alternative investments experts provide a complete range of corporate, fiduciary and administrative services for alternative investment funds. We’re true experts in this field, serving over 100 Fortune 500 companies and administering over US$359 billion of alternative investment fund assets. We can help you understand how Brexit will affect UK Alternative Investment Fund Managers (UK AIFMs), delegated cooperation agreements and virtually all other facets of fund management and compliance.

Vistra's local expertise in the UK and EU

Below are some popular destination countries for organisations considering expanding into an EU country in light of Brexit. We have experts on the ground in each location, ready to get your organisation established and running efficiently and compliantly. We also have multiple UK offices for those organisations that want to establish new UK operations as a result of Brexit or for any other reason.

In the brief descriptions below, we highlight some of each office’s specialities, but all our offices offer the full suite of Vistra services, from international expansion and operations services to fund management to estate planning solutions for high-net-worth individuals and more.

Germany: We offer a comprehensive, integrated range of business advisory services to blue chip corporates — and to asset, fund and property managers — from our offices in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Soest. These services, combined with our strong expertise in real estate and private equity, provide a unique end-to-end solution for our clients.

Ireland: With offices in Dublin and Shannon, we help clients with corporate and trust services for structured finance deals, corporate restructuring support, and services related to the aircraft leasing industry, including Asset-Backed Securitisation (ABS) transactions.

Luxembourg: Vistra’s Luxembourg office is strategically located between the airport and city centre. We specialise in the areas of holding, financing, private wealth management, real estate, and intellectual property, along with securitisation vehicles and regulated entities such as SIF and SICAR.

Netherlands: Our Amsterdam-based team specialises in providing advice and services related to Dutch holding companies, financing, real estate, intellectual property (licensing), and securitisation vehicles.

United Kingdom: Our offices are located in London, Reading and Bristol. We manage UK companies and ensure compliance with local laws. We also provide tailored private client and concierge services and have considerable experience helping clients and their families with all manner of UK immigration issues.

Contact us

Whether you are considering relocating UK operations to other European hubs or have an overseas business that needs to open a UK subsidiary to maintain your position in UK markets, we will continue to provide the support and expertise you need to manage your operations.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the initial readiness assessment or require further assistance.


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