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Welcome to the 2018 edition of Vistra 2020

For the 8th year running, Vistra 2020 report explores key trends and issues facing the corporate services industry. Themed around ‘Disruption Advantage: Opportunity in a Changing World’, this year we draw insights on nearly 800 industry peers on three trends that are defining the industry today:

1.  How the sector is changing to meet an evolving geopolitical system

The populist backlash against the industry is growing, governments are pursuing protectionist agendas but the industry is confident about growth.

2.  How regulation is becoming increasingly politicised

Effective regulation is hugely valuable but is increasingly used to support the populist agenda. In fact, many do not know how the industry benefits them.

3.  How businesses across the industry may be sleepwalking into technological disruption

Many are unconcerned about digital disruption and using technology for small-scale projects, yet disruption is a serious threat.

Click here to download the infographics of some of the key findings.

Vistra 2020 Inforgraphic

Download the full 2018 Vistra 2020 report below.


Vistra 2020

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