Thursday, 15 September, 2016

Vistra ITCL Helps Fund Night Schools in Mumbai


On 12 and 14 September 2016, staff from Vistra ITCL in Mumbai visited two night schools that we support, joining classes and sharing learning materials. These schools provide crucial education opportunities for young people who have left regular schooling in order to work and support their families.

Night schools fill a gap in India’s education system, and they are mostly run by charitable organizations. In Mumbai’s state of Maharashtra, around 20,000 students study across 200 night schools.

Vistra ITCL works in cooperation with not-for-profit-organisation Masoom, which operates in 60 night schools in Mumbai. Masoom strives to establish quality education in night schools in Mumbai and facilitates the “Night School Transformation Programme”, tailored to meeting the needs of individual students. We also provide funding to Savli Charitable Trust, supporting its child health and nutrition programme in Mumbai.

We are proud to give funding support to two of Masoom’s schools, and it was a privilege to spend an evening in each of them. Eleven members of our team, including senior management, participated in lessons and distributed learning tools and stationery. We were moved by the students’ own stories about their motivation to study and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Vistra ITCL strongly engages in CSR initiatives, contributing two percent of our net profits towards community causes every year. We have a deep commitment to raising awareness and bringing about sustainable socioeconomic change in our society.

With many more initiatives planned, Vistra ITCL will continue to assist Masoom’s important work, giving financial support and our own time. We have seen how night schools can change individuals’ lives, providing students with the education they deserve and helping them reach their full potential.

Please click here to go to our CSR homepage and watch our CSR video which features Nikita Ketkar, CEO and Founder of Masoom Education. 


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