Marine & Aviation 

Vistra Marine & Aviation specialises in the acquisition and operation of yachts and aircraft.

Highly experienced in managing running costs, crew employment contracts, vessel registration or 'flagging', Vistra Marine & Aviation handle the many day-to-day corporate and fiscal responsibilities which large yachts generate, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance.

With many years of experience, Vistra's team recognises the need for delivery of accurate and diligent service to today's large yacht and aircraft owners in order to retain strict owner control over costs and administration of these sophisticated assets.

Vistra Marine & Aviation establish corporate ownership structures for both private and commercial yachts and aircraft. By cautioning against the use of loopholes in VAT legislation, Vistra Marine & Aviation adopts a robust approach to tax optimisation, whilst maximising operational flexibility and effectiveness.

Our services include:

  • Commercially operating structures for both new builds and existing yachts and aircraft
  • Specific structures for UK resident and domiciled individuals
  • Offshore based structures for non-EU residents
  • Leasing structures for yachts and aircraft
  • Crew structures and payroll administration
  • Emergency management structures for loan default and repossession scenarios