Company Formation & Management 

The formation and management of companies provides offshore and onshore solutions for those operating in the worldwide marketplace.

Vistra's Global offices allow our advisors to find solutions that exactly meet a client's individual needs, capitalising on jurisdictional advantages and frameworks.

We ensure fast, efficient formation and incorporation of all types of company and are able to provide management and administration facilities including accountancy, tax compliance and full secretarial services.
Potential uses and benefits of companies:

  • Offshore structuring
  • Trading
  • Financing
  • Royalties
  • Listing on an exchange
  • Bank account services
  • Tax mitigation and double tax avoidance
  • Asset holding
  • Trade and treasury services
  • Succession planning
  • Payroll and outsourcing services
  • Probate and estate planning
  • Confidentiality
  • Chinese business solutions
  • Customised office packages
  • Limiting liability

Vistra's company services include:

  • Advice, formation and management of companies in all jurisdictions
  • Provision of readily available ("Shelf") companies
  • Provision of directors and nominee shareholders where required
  • Preparation for listing on an exchange
  • Accountancy, tax compliance, bookkeeping and administrative functions
  • Provision of a company secretary and the maintenance of appropriate statutory records
  • Provision of a registered office where required
  • Bank account services
  • Trade and treasury services
  • Payroll and outsourcing services
  • Chinese business solutions
  • Customised office packages